Friday, 31 August 2012

31 Bulan 8

Hello peeps! Today is ze day that we, Malaysians are celebrating our 55th Independence Day.. So I wish all of you Selamat Hari Merdeka! I'm proud to be a Malaysian cat! Was born and raised here. Love the weather, food and surroundings. And yes, the people too! The people I've met (basically mama's family and friends and doctors and other cat/dog owners at the clinic) are kind and nice. So yeah, love Malaysia. Hoorahhh! Cheers ya'll!

 I found this as Ariz (my cousin) was playing with it. Love the Malaysia flag! comfy! I'm feeling so patriotic till I wanna sleep on it (:

Me and ze flag yo. Peace!

p/s: Papa, I heard fireworks and it scares me a bit!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Salam Lebaran

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin everyone! Hope it's not too late to wish ya'll out there! I bet I'm not coz I know people are still in their raya mood :D I just cam back from the hotel today. Hotel was ok..but it's nicer here. Now I can play around as usual. Hehe. Wish papa is here to celebrate eid with me :( These pictures below is the picture of me on the way to the hotel. Not.. I repeat.. NOT an awesome ride. I hate bein in a car actually.

Here's a postcard for all of my readers! Thank you guys! Wish I could give you some ketupat & whiskas (I don't have rendang, so whiskas is ok i think) :P


Mengenang nasibku ini.. terpaksa berjauhan di hari raya.. sobster :'( *termenung*


Tido je la.. what to do..

I wanna get outta here la mama. I feel like I'm in a cage!

Aghh Ughh..Yiah!! can't get out??!!

Oh well, it's all over now.. Atleast at the hotel I can sleep all day long and the yeay part is.. I can check out chicks *wink* And now I'm home sweet home baby! Adios!

p/s: Papa, miss you so much la. Come here and gimme duit raya la (:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In a Box

Hello there! Today I played in the box *I'm not Maru ok!* I've never seen his videos but Mama showed me his pictures and told me about him. He seems ok.. don't mind havin a bro like him. I like his toy, the cow. That's awesome! Wish Mama could buy me one. But mama said she dunno where to buy it. I told her to check ebay..duhh.. but she still haven't checked it yet! Mama's too busy with her baju kurung. She's making her own this year. She's been stressed out lately coz of that..she's scared it might not fit or something's wrong with it (this is her first time making a baju kurung). Chill la mama, I know you can do it! You go girl! 

 Remember my Bzztt? Mama so sebok la she kacau me playin in this thang. So I just have to Bzzttt her!

Oh wait, there's another kooler spot. I'm gettin outta here.

Kool huh? Mama's framing this as an honor to have me she said. Kissy kissy mama :*

p/s: Papa, how much ya gonna gimme for Raya? I'm thinkin 50$++ I just wanna buy toys :D