Thursday, 31 May 2012

Random Me

This is me.. just me..

 This is me getting high.. catttt nipppp....

I have double chin. So what?!

 This is my 'I don't give a damn' face.

Left: Mmmm.. I love the smell of my castle.
Right: I make full use of my 2 ears. I'm always alert and aware. Close my left face (I'm listening to something), close my right face (my normal cute face).

p/s: Papa, I think I lost my 2 toy mouse. The orange and red one :(

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sleeping Mode On

Meowzer! I have this one common thing with mama and that is.. sleep. We loveee to sleep. I slept almost 16 to 18 hours on average. Just like a newborn baby. I know, cute right? Mama spent almost 20 to 24 hours sleeping per day. Haha. Kiddin. She just loves her sleep. I mean, who doesn't? Whether I'm awake or in my lullaby mode, I'll always look cute. Mama always says 'ololo comel budak comel ni'. Thanx mama, you got that right *wink*. Here are some of my sleeping poses..

Kroh kroh kroh..


I'm a happy cat!


 Fire Power!


p/s: Papa, have you bought my toys yet?

Sunday, 27 May 2012


Ola! I think I'm on a sugar high today! I just wanna play around man.. especially with mama. I bit and scratched her so many times till she screamed saying sakit. Hehe chill la bro. I was just biting, it's not like I'm killin you or somethin. After I'm done playing I saw mama applied a minyak gamat oil (sea cucumber oil) on her legs. Sorry mama. Be ready for more scratches to come! Cheers.

I'm always on a look out. Be alert! 

I heard some noise. Take a look to see what it is..

Ready..ready.. (Excuse mama's messy stuff. She's still in her cleaning up & decorating the room mode)

Attack Mama Shea's toes!! (I'm just too fast! Mama couldn't really snap good pictures of me in action! Pfft)     

 (After the violence is over) Hurmm to go back to attack or not?

Nahh..I'm good for now. Will continue attacking tomorrow.

p/s: Papa, I know you're laughing right now coz it's mama's turn, am I right?

Saturday, 26 May 2012

New Chapter of My Life

Hellow world! Weow, wew weow. I'm here now in mama's home. It's so big I can run around everyday (which I obviously did!). At first I was shy and scared a 'lil bit as papa's not around. So I acted nice. No. I am nice. Mama said I'm a good boy☺ I came here on the 18th of May 2012, Friday as papa is leaving to work in Jeddah soon. So I have to stay with mama. But it's OK, it's so fun here. I'm having the time of my life!

I met my self proclaimed godmother, Mama Shea, my mama's mama, Wan, mama's granny, Nenek, Kakzu the maid and mama's daddy-o, Atok. They are awesome. Everyone likes me here. I know, everyone can't resist my cuteness *wink*. The first few days I explored mama's whole home. I found lots of dust. Haha mama's gonna kill me for sayin this! Mama was so busy cleaning and decorating her room. I was accompanying mama so I saw it all happened. I got so bored sometimes I just slept under mama's bed which is my permanent sacred corner. Hehe. It's a kool place I can say. It's what I call my very own home, studio type. I got some art stuff around me too. What can I say, I have an art gene :P My castle stays outside in the living room. So basically I'm rich. I have 2 houses and I can sleep anywhere I want. Like a boss.

It's been a week now since I moved in here. All my days are filled with kool stuff. So many activities! I played tag with mama, played with my mousy (red one), check out Wan's room and knocked down the decoder, run around the house like mad (my fav!), tryinna be tough (oh wait, I am tough. It's just my cattitude) and look through the window to check out Mama Shea's other cats outside the house, watch Legally Blonde movie together with mama (I miss watching Real Madrid match with papa) and check out Mama Shea's room. It's so purplish ughh. But I like the big space and the tiles on the floor is OK too. So sometimes I hang out there other than mama's room.

I ate tuna and salmon that day. Yummy! I was given so much attention here by everyone, even mama's aunty who came by the other day. So it's all good, I'm lovin my good life. Even if I got scared sometimes, mama's there for me. Today me and mama had fun! We dance to The Ting Tings and Nicki Minaj's songs early in the morning. After that I watched mama continue with her painting which she hanged near her bed now. Mama showered me  just now. Feel so fresh and clean! Thanx mama. I love you! Don't forget to play in the tent tonite (you promised!). And papa, aftaqidak ilayeka la! Come here quick please! 

*aftaqidak ilayeka is i miss you in arabic

Me lookin like a boss. 


Me drying myself after shower. If Wan sees this, she'll kill me for making her luxurious settee wet! Shh please.

 Tsup again. I know I look kool.

 Left: I always wait for mama whenever she's in the kitchen. I'm not aloud in the dining room+kitchen coz mama said she's too lazy to search for me as I get lost when I explore sometimes. 
Right: I'm the king of the world! Me on top of my castle.

 Playing tag with mama. Mama's fast! But I'm faster!!

 Budak comel as mama calls me B-)

I'm super. Super Carlos.

p/s: Papa, buy me lotsa toys over there will ya. Thanx!