Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Tsup ya'll?  How was your day? Mine was great. I did some exploring around the house (ha ha). Love the smell of the grass! Luckily all Mama Shea's cats outside the house is not around so I had some peaceful adventure. Phew! So that's my story for today: be close to nature. You guys should take some time to appreciate nature too (in other words, duduk luar rumah. Lol). I bet it gives you a piece of your mind afterwards :p Hehe gotta go! Laterss.

 Let's explore!

Checkin' out stuff..

 Spot somethin'?

 Yup, I am in the drain. So?

This smells like other cats! Hergh!

 Macho me. I know :p

I just can't stop smelling! These cats are so sebok in my territory!

The forever cute, mama said (:

p/s: Ya guys dunno the surprise I wanted to tell you yet. So wait for it! :D