Friday, 16 November 2012

Mama, I'm Sick

This is my shaved neck. I was infected by the germs/bacteria as I was playing around my house compound. No more playing on the grass for me :( 
I'm healing and feel better now!
Mama said she felt like shaving my whole body, but she's scared that my fur might grow differently.. then she can't see the tiger in me nemore :p

Monday, 5 November 2012

Till We Meet Again

Heyya fellas! How's it goin? I haven't been posting here coz I was busy chillin with my 'ol pal, papa. He's back niggas! And he's gone now. Papa came for 2 weeks holidays and he said I'm bigger! Really bro? You mean tougher, right? Papa went back to the country where he works last Sunday.. so now it is me and mama's turn to be sad. We really miss you! But I'm not gonna cry.. coz I'm tough hehe. I just wanna say thank you so much papa for the 10kg treats, 2 litter packs and Squirkky, my new pet (:

 Squirkky & me.

 I think this is a cool picca. Is it? Maybe not. Heh.

My litter.. peachy smell.  Mama loves the smell (but of course, before it touches my stuff *wink*)

This is my ultimate favorite food. More like, the only food I eat. Hehe. Freakin huge, man! Yummy!

p/s: Thank you papa for the gifts! Love you! Miss you so much! Come back and we'll have some partay at my studio! I'll serve you the best tuna and salmon from Alaska k. Owh and you want some chicks too? I'll invite Helen, Meena, Belang, Molly, Fifi, Lunatica, Tina, Elle, Mousy, Mak Itam, ++ ;)