Monday, 30 July 2012

Me vs. Bear

Who's cuter? Me or the other guy?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Stripedy Stripe

Hollah! Tsup everyone? Been enjoyin your fasting days? I'm enjoyin mine. I just eat! He he he.. Salam Ramadhan to all you lovely ladies out there! Remember, no fasting, no Raya! Except for me.. I'm special B-) Oh no..speaking of Raya, I just realized that I'll be celebrating my Raya in the pet hotel!! Oh mannnnn! Anyways, I'll be havin party with my fellow mates at the hotel. That'll do it! No sobings yeah.

Hurmm I just got this new top given by mama. I think it's cute. Of course it's cute especially when I'm wearin it ;) But here's a thing, I hate wearin anythin! Ya hurd? Anythin! That's why I'm not wearin a collar on my neck. It's just ughh.. so so uncomfortable! Ok, so now.. check out my cute top. Oh wait! Guess what, mama got the same top like mine!! She just realized after she got back home from shoppin. We're a team mama! High paws!

Cute right? :P

p/s: Papa, you're not in the team!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pet Hotel

Hellow mellow. I am now livin in my hotel room at a pet hotel. Quite boring tho. So I just online and update my blog from here. Mama went to Perth, she's on a holiday and I can't follow her coz mama said it's gonna be such a hassle with the paper work (whenever anyone wants to bring their pet on the cabin). Boohoo! :( Mama told me she bought a gift for me. That's good to hear. I miss home badly la. I miss all this:

 Playin with ma mousy.

 Sleepin like this in mama's room.. or in other words, sleepin comfortably.

Talkin to this lunatic bookworm bear.

 Havin a party with ma niggas, Adam & Ariz.

See, told ya them boys love my crib a.k.a castle.

p/s: Yo papa, y u no send me postcards?