Friday, 16 November 2012

Mama, I'm Sick

This is my shaved neck. I was infected by the germs/bacteria as I was playing around my house compound. No more playing on the grass for me :( 
I'm healing and feel better now!
Mama said she felt like shaving my whole body, but she's scared that my fur might grow differently.. then she can't see the tiger in me nemore :p

Monday, 5 November 2012

Till We Meet Again

Heyya fellas! How's it goin? I haven't been posting here coz I was busy chillin with my 'ol pal, papa. He's back niggas! And he's gone now. Papa came for 2 weeks holidays and he said I'm bigger! Really bro? You mean tougher, right? Papa went back to the country where he works last Sunday.. so now it is me and mama's turn to be sad. We really miss you! But I'm not gonna cry.. coz I'm tough hehe. I just wanna say thank you so much papa for the 10kg treats, 2 litter packs and Squirkky, my new pet (:

 Squirkky & me.

 I think this is a cool picca. Is it? Maybe not. Heh.

My litter.. peachy smell.  Mama loves the smell (but of course, before it touches my stuff *wink*)

This is my ultimate favorite food. More like, the only food I eat. Hehe. Freakin huge, man! Yummy!

p/s: Thank you papa for the gifts! Love you! Miss you so much! Come back and we'll have some partay at my studio! I'll serve you the best tuna and salmon from Alaska k. Owh and you want some chicks too? I'll invite Helen, Meena, Belang, Molly, Fifi, Lunatica, Tina, Elle, Mousy, Mak Itam, ++ ;)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bob at KLCC

Weehoo! Great news! The picture of 'A Street Cat Named Bob' book mama took yesterday is in Bob's blog now :D Mama, Wan and Mama Shea were so excited! Actually Mama Shea helped mama snap the photo hehe. So happy to show Malaysia around the world!

 This is in James Bowen & Street Cat Bob facebook page.

Officially in the blog

This is the real photo. And that's mama's hand :p

This is another cool picture that mama took. We like it but we wanna show the Petronas Towers clearly hehe.

p/s: Bob, you sure do fly around the world! Kudos brotha from anotha motha!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Personal Review 2

Hello! How's everybody doin? Hope all's well! Today I'm gonna share with you guys on the stuff that I like to  read/watch:

1) Simon's Cat 

These are some of the videos that I like! The images are simple but very interesting with that witty cat as the main character. Duhh of course.. that's why Simon's cat! Hehe.. Enjoy!


The books. You can get it in store!
Image courtesy of Google.

2) Maru

Say no more..I'm pretty sure all of you may have heard about the most popular British Fold cat in the world, Maru! He's so adorable and fat! And definitely cute! If we ever meet, I know we'll best mates in 2 seconds :D Ala guchi guchi..

Mama told me she really really reallyyyyyy wants me to behave like Maru when mama's trimming my claws. Well mama, sorry, I just hate it! Cannot la.

And mama said Maru's a very lucky kitteh to have been chosen to work with Uniqlo.

Fly Maru! Fly!

 Don't be sad bro, been there, done that, A LOT!

 Have I told you guys about Maru's cow that I like? I sure did! Can we share brah? Please..

Look at that dude.. he thinks he's the king of the world or some'in? Wait till I get ma hands on my own cow.

Aha! As I was googling to search for that cow that I like so much, I stumbled upon he tryinna disguise or what?? Why do they have their own cow?? Mama can you please explain!!
Image courtesy of Pedro The Cat. I'll review about Pedro later guys. For now, I'm gonna continue dreaming on my very own COW.

Catch ya later guys!

p/s: Papa please find me the cow. My birthday is in 2 more months.. it can be my pre-birthday pressie (: 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Carlos & Bob

Why do I feel like I'm on the cover of the book? Hehe :p
Me lovin the book! Hope to see you one day, mate!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Personal Review

Hello ya'll! I'm so excited today to post some of my personal review on the things I like, read and watched. I personally think cats are genius! Ehem.. of course we are ;) Especially redhead cats. We are one of a kind! Here's some info I wanna share about my breed, Tabby with a mix of British Shorthair:

British Shorthair Cats:

******* Playfulness
*** Need for Attention
******* Affection
**** Need to Vocalize
********* Docility (teachable)
******** Intelligence
********* Independence
****** Healthiness and Hardiness
**** Grooming Needs
********* Good With Children
******** Good With Other Cats

This is how British Shorthair cats usually are and I think most of them (in the chart) are like me.. Mama made some research and here's what she have to say about me based on the research:

     Carlos like any other cats are playful but his playfulness is very high. I swear that as sleepy as he could be, he still wouldn't mind playing if people starts to play with him. It's like 'I live to play' for him. And definately NOT 'I live to eat' as Carlos doesn't eat that much. He eats whenever he's hungry and in a little amount. Carlos can live alone without being supervised. He won't do his 'business' anywhere except his litter box. Good boy Carlos! That's why mama loves you!! Carlos doesn't need attention that much just like in the chart. He knows if mama's too lazy to play, he go and do his own thing which is sleep or run around the house all by himself. Carlos loses his temper when he's really annoyed. Trust me, we did gadoh before this. And I think it's really silly and cute even though at that time I was so pissed at him.

     He's very affectionate. He loves to rub himself against our legs or hands or wherever he could find and he extremely loves to be rubbed on his head, neck and at the back of his body, not on his tummy coz if we touch his tummy he'll think we wanna play and he'll start kicking and biting. And that my friend, sometimes hurt if his nails are out! I don't have to tell you how much he hurt me with his biting and scratching and makes me bleed whenever he's in his super hyper mode. Thank you Carlos, now I have scratches here and there. Just hope the scars will fade. Carlos doesn't require grooming that much. I shower him once a month only and luckily he's not really that scared of water.

     Carlos is a smart puss, if I teach him something, he'll learn quick. He knows whenever I call him coz I can' find him, he'll appear and if I call him directly even when he's sleeping, he'll wake up and come to me. Aww you so sweet Carlos! If it was me, there's NO WAY I'm gonna get up :D Carlos's independence is high too. He knows his safe spot and that makes him very intelligent too. There was one time his granny (Wan) left him outside the house without realizing it for few hours, then he just waited outside and start meowing coz he wanted to come inside. Thank God!! I was sleeping at that moment and Mama Shea heard his voice and saw him outside. ALONE. Phew! For a cat like him, who rarely goes out of the house, we are REALLYYYY scared to let him off alone. Thank you Carlos for not running away, you know your safest place is in our home with mama (: There was even this one time I let Carlos out to chill and breathe some fresh air in our backyard, then suddenly there was this crazy loud sound from the jet up in the sky ( I think they are doing some rehearsal or something) and Carlos ran quickly towards me and go straight inside the house. He was really scared coz he never heard that kinda sound. I was glad that he didn't run to the other side of the house coz I might have to chase him. And from that on, I knew Carlos knows his home and he knows he's safe in there. I know Carlos would do great if he's living somewhere out there alone coz he's a fighter. It's just that please don't! I don't trust cats out there. Haha. Mama Shea's cats outside our house is being mean to Carlos sometimes. Mousy's sister is the main evil pussy who likes to hiss at him! Mak itam is OK and so does the lil' kittehs. Mousy is sometimes OK and sometimes not. I don't get her. I think she likes Carlos, it's just that she doesn't show Helga Pataki from Hey! Arnold :p

     I read somewhere, tabbies have always been big hearted, devoted, extremely playful, sometimes bullies to other kitties (Tiqa! Carlos used to live with her at Papa's house. It is Papa's other cat) and curious. Carlos is always always always curious! Whenever there's something new in the house he'll definitely sebok sniffing and smelling to see what's going on. So now it's a habit of me to give him smell my plastic or paper bags whenever I came home from shopping. It's like "Mama beli ape tu? 'Sniff Sniff' Owh ok..tawu dah". Tabby cats are not considered a breed but are just a colorization of the tabby cat actually. One characteristic of tabbies that is distinct about their markings is the "M" mark on their forehead also referred to as "the mark of the true tabby" or the "tabby mask". That unique "M" mark has many folk lores and myths as to how it came to be. (Wanna read more? Click here) 

     Carlos is a healthy cat, alhamdulillah. According to the chart, British Shorthair cats are good with kids, but Carlos is not so good though. He prefers adults who's chill and calmer. We don't scream or yell and we don't even run around the house. So the kids scares him sometimes. Yesterday Adam and Ariz had a sleepover at our house, at first I bet Carlos was like daym these niggas are back! Haha but then as they started to play with him and all, he's OK. People need to show some lurve at him so that Carlos could love them back. I even read somewhere, the orange colored cats are the most loving cats compared to the other kind. I have some cats before Carlos, Cottonelle, Belang, Fluffy, Tiger, Tabby, Pixie, Gizmo, Meena, Cocky, Sic, Bebe (these are the ones I remember..I have more! But only few were allowed in the house - Cottonelle, Cocky and Bebe) and you know what, I love them all, I love all cats in the world!! I love my baby so much and I would not trade him for the world! Never! Mama loves you Carlos, and I know you know that! 

If you wanna know your cat breed, click here. This is where I got my British Shorthair chart and other infos.

Back to Carlos
And now, I wanna share with you guys my fav stuff!

1) A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

Mama is currently reading this awesome book! Look, Bob looks exactly like ME!!! (Only with green eyes). And so far, from what mama told me, Bob is a kool dude! Salute you bro! Mama is taking her own sweet time and in no hurry to finish it. Seriously mama?? I wanna know the ending of the story! Mama had always wanted to write a book. She even thought to write a book about me! But she said that's just a she never did..maybe not YET. Well mama, just write about me, k. Just write.

The descrition of the book (Amazon)

When James Bowen found an injured, ginger street cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change. James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London and the last thing he needed was a pet.
Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent tom cat, whom he quickly christened Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas.

 More cute pix here! The owner of the blog had met Bob face to face in July 2011.

Image courtesy of Google

 Ready for his close up. Bob getting ready for a photo shoot at the Blue Cross van in Islington earlier today. Image from his own Facebook page.

This is not Bob, this is ME! :D Had an evening ride last week.

Just popped into Waterstones and guess what? We are already no. 1! Image from Bob's Facebook page.

Bob with his pal, James Bowen. Image courtesy of Google.

Image courtesy of Google.

How cute is he?? Look at that scarf!! :D Image courtesy of Google.

I bet this is his fav seat in the bus, next to the window! Image courtesy of Google.

2) Cat Vs Human

Have you ever read or look at Yasmine's blog or Tumblr? I had. I even have her book! (Mama bought it with the RM200 1Malaysia book voucher). Kool stuff. Some of the things she illustrated is what I am at home (:

The book.
This is SO ME.
For me, it's less than 6 seconds! Maybe only 3 :p

This is why we cats love to leave our fur everywhere. That's what happened to mama every time she went somewhere far  (:

This is Mama's all time fav picca by Yasmine!

The Cat Vs Human's  Blog   Flickr   Facebook   Tumblr

p/s: I'll review more on things that I like later ya! Have a great day!

p/s 2: Papa, you bought Bob's book yet?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I'm back! Q&A sesh

Sorry for not posting for a month guys! I was busy.. busy sleeping and kacau-ing mama. Hehe.. Since I was on hiatus, I got lots of emails from my fans to keep on posting. Thank you guys! I didn't realize you guys loved me! Well I know I'm cute but I didn't know you all love me :D So now I wanna answer some questions I got from pretty chicks out there. And maybe there're guys too. Enjoy..

Dear Carlos, do you like sleeping? - Ain, Subang.


Yo Carlos! have you bitten someone to death? - Punkeria, Cheras.


Cutie Carlos, can you please show us your exercise move :D :D - J, Sabah.

"This is my face exercise".

Carlos, what do you always do when you're chilling? - Twinkle, Damansara.


Hey Carlos! Can I buy you a chicken as a treat. - Hana, Johor.

"No. Me no like chicken".

Carlos, I know this is a bit crazy, but I still wanna ask. Can you dance while laying down? - Dancer, PJ.

"Sure thing!"

Hello Carlos, do you like balloons? - Anonymous

"I'm scared of it".

Dear Carlos, do you wanna meet my cat, Rossa? She's Mexican too and she's very cute! - Lydia, Kajang.

"Wink wink".

That's all for now nigs. Catch you later! Thanx for the loves ya'll!

p/s: Some stuff I changed on my layout. Hope you like it (: 

p/s 2: Papa, you workin hard there? Don't forget me k.

Friday, 31 August 2012

31 Bulan 8

Hello peeps! Today is ze day that we, Malaysians are celebrating our 55th Independence Day.. So I wish all of you Selamat Hari Merdeka! I'm proud to be a Malaysian cat! Was born and raised here. Love the weather, food and surroundings. And yes, the people too! The people I've met (basically mama's family and friends and doctors and other cat/dog owners at the clinic) are kind and nice. So yeah, love Malaysia. Hoorahhh! Cheers ya'll!

 I found this as Ariz (my cousin) was playing with it. Love the Malaysia flag! comfy! I'm feeling so patriotic till I wanna sleep on it (:

Me and ze flag yo. Peace!

p/s: Papa, I heard fireworks and it scares me a bit!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Salam Lebaran

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin everyone! Hope it's not too late to wish ya'll out there! I bet I'm not coz I know people are still in their raya mood :D I just cam back from the hotel today. Hotel was ok..but it's nicer here. Now I can play around as usual. Hehe. Wish papa is here to celebrate eid with me :( These pictures below is the picture of me on the way to the hotel. Not.. I repeat.. NOT an awesome ride. I hate bein in a car actually.

Here's a postcard for all of my readers! Thank you guys! Wish I could give you some ketupat & whiskas (I don't have rendang, so whiskas is ok i think) :P


Mengenang nasibku ini.. terpaksa berjauhan di hari raya.. sobster :'( *termenung*


Tido je la.. what to do..

I wanna get outta here la mama. I feel like I'm in a cage!

Aghh Ughh..Yiah!! can't get out??!!

Oh well, it's all over now.. Atleast at the hotel I can sleep all day long and the yeay part is.. I can check out chicks *wink* And now I'm home sweet home baby! Adios!

p/s: Papa, miss you so much la. Come here and gimme duit raya la (:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In a Box

Hello there! Today I played in the box *I'm not Maru ok!* I've never seen his videos but Mama showed me his pictures and told me about him. He seems ok.. don't mind havin a bro like him. I like his toy, the cow. That's awesome! Wish Mama could buy me one. But mama said she dunno where to buy it. I told her to check ebay..duhh.. but she still haven't checked it yet! Mama's too busy with her baju kurung. She's making her own this year. She's been stressed out lately coz of that..she's scared it might not fit or something's wrong with it (this is her first time making a baju kurung). Chill la mama, I know you can do it! You go girl! 

 Remember my Bzztt? Mama so sebok la she kacau me playin in this thang. So I just have to Bzzttt her!

Oh wait, there's another kooler spot. I'm gettin outta here.

Kool huh? Mama's framing this as an honor to have me she said. Kissy kissy mama :*

p/s: Papa, how much ya gonna gimme for Raya? I'm thinkin 50$++ I just wanna buy toys :D