Friday, 22 June 2012

Troll Doll

Mama had some stuff (toys) she wants me to play with.. but the thing is.. NOT ALL TOYS I LIKE. Got that mama? Here's one of her toys that she let's me play with..

 What it dis? (mexican tone)

 Let me smell the fur..

 I'm gonna kill ya, ya hurd?!

Grr ngum nyum grhjskjsk. 

Haha your dead. 

Hmm good. Lickdy lick..slrpp..slrpp..

Just to let ya'll know, this is mama's current wallpaper (on her lappy). I know my fur is unique, mama B-) Btw, mama told me this idea of hers.. what if cat's fur is the 'in' print right now? No leopard or zebra print nemore? Kool right? 

p/s: Papa, I hate the chicks (Mama Shea's cats) outside the house.. I just have tah hiss whenever I see dem gals. Can ya find me some shorty in Cy? I saw some pix in your Instagram. Dey look kool, bro. Just wanna hang out and chill wit 'er near atok's pond. *wink*

Friday, 15 June 2012

Sleepy Sleepy

Mama said.. Oppss.. Everyone said I look cute when I'm sleeping. Hurmm I don't think it's true. I mean, I know I'm cute.. But really? When I'm sleeping?? Really?? Well.. We'll see..

 This is me sleeping on mama's clothes n bag.. They all said I look cute.

 I said whaaaaatttt?

 This is me sleeping on mama's bed.. Mama said I look cute.

Say whaaaaaattt?

p/s: Papa, you havin fun there WITHOUT ME? I heard you are. Fine la.. I'm havin fun here with mama more than you do, just for your information. And btw, don't forget my souvenir and mama's too. Thanx yo.

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Do you know how it feels like to be disturbed when you are sleepin or chillin? I'm pretty sure you do. I get this feeling lotsa times! And it's so annoying but I can't help it coz I'm a bit jumpy. Sometimes ma homies didn't mean to wake me up by makin some sounds but I did woke up. I was shocked. So here's to them!!

 Laser beam. Attack!

 Amek kau!

 Pe sebok sebok?!!


p/s: Have fun in Cy WITHOUT ME papa! HEMPH!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pssst..I sneaked out

Meowzy! What a week it's been! Mama was busy with 'er final year project and me, super as always..busy watchin her. Mama been goin in and out the house so many freakin times coz she's so busy doin this and that. So I thought to myself, this is the time for me to run outside! I've always wanted to see the world outside my home. Mama never let me.. I don't know why! What a bummer! I think it's because I heard  papa said no freedom for cats. Here's a thing, mama have always loved animals and yeah, cats, definitely! So she always wants what's best for all of them. She's been supporting the animals rights and such. She even thinks sometimes cats need to be free especially when they are being put in the cage for such a long time. Atleast let the cat stretch and exercise a bit in the house or sumthin so that they won't run away. There's a case where Mama Farah's cat went out and didn't came back for 2 days. So she blamed mama for 'freedom for cats'. If you tell me, I know where that chick went to.. hehe. She just hang out with 'er friends.. duhh. She probably found a boyfie or sumthin. And as for me, papa thinks I will run away. Please la papa.. I'm a big boy now. I know I love my home more than the outside world coz at home, I got mama, food and yes, huge space to sleep (which is everywhere including the toilets). I just wanna check out chicks outside heheh. Kiddin. I know mama is worried if I go out and run away too.

Anyways, continue with my story.. I went out quickly when mama went out the door. She was shocked so she quickly followed me to catch me. But then, I think she realised I won't. So mama lemme chill outside for like 2 minutes. Mmmm the smell of the fresh cut grass. Nice. So every other day, sometimes mama chill with me at the porch. I found 3 more of Mama Shea's cats out there. I don't like them. This is my territory! Aha, I saw the big cage papa bought for me before. I used it only once during the first night I came here for like 2 hours. And mama placed it in the house coz Wan wasn't around :P When Wan arrived home from Perth, mama and Mama Shea quickly put it outside before Wan could see it. Haha. If Wan knew they put the cage in the living room, I think they'll be dead. I had never step my paws in that place ever again. I hope I won't have to!

OK, here's some kool shots of me..

 Mama shot this thru the settee's whole. She said she's paparazzi -__-

 Another paparazzi shot she said.

 Cats, we just love to smell.

 Super cute me.

 Grrr... this was before mama clipped my nails.

Checkin out chicks outside ;)

p/s: Papa, I found the orange and red mouse! Yeayyy. But just buy me a new one incase I loose it again. Thanx!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just Another Day

This is my 2 weeks stay in my new home. I have adapted to this place well.. really well that I slept all day and wake up all night. And the next thing I know, mama won't let me sleep all day long again. Mama wants me to sleep with her coz mama said she's not used to sleep without me. I'll try mama. Can't promise you coz I just love to sleep and sometimes I can't help myself. Mama said she wants to buy me some new toys soon to keep me awake in the morning. Haha. Mama mama.. you're so cute sometimes. After this when mama is busy with her class, Mama Shea will take care of me. That's alright I guess. I can beat her up. He he he. Niceee. This is my chance coz mama is not around *wink*. Get ready god mothah!

Ahaa.. last few days I met Mama Farah, Adam & Ariz. Mama Farah was OK but Adam and Ariz scares me! Especially Ariz.. he likes to scream man! God I'm so scared, I felt like he wants to bully me. Mama told me that Ariz is a nice boy and he like cats and soft toys. I think he'd mistaken me with a soft toy -__- That day Ariz wanted to feed me many times and I heard mama told him I just ate. Haha thank you bro.. but no thanks. Like mama said, I just ate. Hope one day we can hang out without you screaming and making me feel like you wanna bully me. Hehe. And Adam, you're kool, bro. Just please don't try to feed so much like Ariz k. I heard you guys like me. Holla to you guys! Next time we can chill at my studio and  have a little partay. I'll tell mama to serve some great tuna and salmon. Not to forget some milk yo!

I'm outy.

 Me chillin at home with ma homie. I think I blend with the color of mama's home. No wonder she's having a hard time searching for me sometimes.

 I have the reflexes of Iker Casilas. Right papa? (:

 Just me chillaxin near mama's room. She's been cleaning her room for more than a week! And I can say it's still not complete yet. Sorry mama for messing up your room every single day. And that makes it harder for you to get things done, I know. Just another 10%, go go mama! Btw, you can throw that awful looking board now. It's so 13 years old.

 Tsup, it's me.

Me and my castle.

p/s: Holla to papa! From Malaysia, with love.

Friday, 1 June 2012

I think I'm Sad

Dear Papa,

     I think I'm sad due to the loss of my 2 toy mouse. I still can't find it. So does mama. This is me in sadness..

Hope you can see the cuteness in my sadness and buy me 3 new toy mouse (any color will do except pink). Your koolness is very much appreciated, papa.
Thank you.

Super Carlos

p/s: Papa, if I'm not mistaken Toys R Us is just near your house (mama told me). So hope you got my hint *wink*.