Friday, 5 April 2013

Keek Alert!

Hi peeps! I just joined keek. Hehe don't forget to follow & subscribe meh! You'll be seein a lot of me and my uber cool mama maybe. And fyi, if you hear any background sound/noise.. that's probably my Mama Shea. Peace out!

p/s: Why do they create this video social app thang? Now I'm gonna get obsessed! Dayyum! Can't wait to follow those hot chicks.. Kylie Jenner, Kimmy, etc B-)

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Shooting Time

Hello ya'll! I know it's kinda late but I'm gonna tell you neways.. The surprise I told you about was actually me bein in TV! Ya heard that right... ME IN TV! Hehehe excited much? :p It was aired on 17th of March 2013, Safiyya, TV9. Sorry didn't tell you guys earlier.. but you can still watch it at  So don't worry, you can still see me movin around. Check it out gurlllsss! :D

 Mama actin kool. She was nervous actually :p

Love you mama! Thank you for tellin them how wonderful I am! :*

Be prepared for my blog, Malaysia! :D

Aaaand here it is.. Super Carlos. Peace (:

I'm a lil shy too actually..

 They knew my weakness! Look at that dem laser! Huwarghhh *-*

This bro is gettin tired..

Haha he's gone. Yes! Mission accomplished (make them got tired of me)!

 If you missed it or you miss me.. watch me here okie! Safiyya, Episode 10. Thank you Safiyya! And thank you all!

Screenshot image from Safiyya, TV9. Look at me.. I'm pretty fly for a ginger cat B-)

p/s: If you guys wanna watch me again, please make sure your hot kittehs are watchin with you too XD

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Tsup ya'll?  How was your day? Mine was great. I did some exploring around the house (ha ha). Love the smell of the grass! Luckily all Mama Shea's cats outside the house is not around so I had some peaceful adventure. Phew! So that's my story for today: be close to nature. You guys should take some time to appreciate nature too (in other words, duduk luar rumah. Lol). I bet it gives you a piece of your mind afterwards :p Hehe gotta go! Laterss.

 Let's explore!

Checkin' out stuff..

 Spot somethin'?

 Yup, I am in the drain. So?

This smells like other cats! Hergh!

 Macho me. I know :p

I just can't stop smelling! These cats are so sebok in my territory!

The forever cute, mama said (:

p/s: Ya guys dunno the surprise I wanted to tell you yet. So wait for it! :D

Monday, 11 February 2013

Miss Me Miss Me Now You Gotta Kiss Me

Hello everybody! Miss me? Hehe I've been a bit busy chillin at home, enjoyin my hols (just think of me at the beach in Hawaii sippin come coconuts with small umbrella on it). Sorry for the super late updates! Super Carlos is here nowwww!! Mama had been qwackin her head up for her finals so I was there for her. Teehee :D

 Me enjoyin the summer breeze.

Me chillin with the homies.

p/s: I got a surprise for ya'll!!! Will let you know the details laterrrrrrr. Owh yea, forgot to tell you, I'm all good now. My infection is gone! Tq for your love and support! Have a great day!